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The Precision Metalforming Association and National Tooling  and Machining Association have joined their lobbying efforts to create “One  Voice” for the metalworking industry.

 Representing nearly 3000 metalworking member companies, One  Voice is addressing the issues by lobbying Congress and the Administration to  adopt a pro-manufacturing agenda.

PMA and NTMA retain the Washington,  D.C.-based lobbying firm The Franklin Partnership, who works with Congress on a  daily basis to educate them about the needs of American manufacturers.

The NTMA is the leading voice in Washington, D.C. for small and medium sized businesses manufacturing in America. Over the past several years, we have helped block harmful regulations, extended tax provisions to help purchase equipment, and fought for solutions to the skilled workforce shortage manufacturers face. In 2012, groups spent over $3.3 billion on 12,000 federal lobbyists in Washington, D.C.  

Despite this, NTMA succeeds in Washington because its members are so involved.

To help make sure you have a seat at the table and are represented, the NTMA created the Government Affairs Administrative Fund (GAAF) to support lobbying, media relations, and other activites in Washington and around the country. Contributions to the GAAF can come from the company or a personal account and will go towards ensuring NTMA and the industry has a strong voice in Washington and continues to make a difference.  For contribution forms, please click HERE.

If you’d like to learn more about One Voice’s successes, please click here for a brief outline.

It takes financial support and personal involvement for the NTMA to be successful with our Washington representatives.  Be sure your legislators know how you feel about the important issues.   Please use the tool below to find contact information for the elected officials who represent you in Washington, D.C..