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We’re building a workforce.

How’s that for ingenuity?


The spark is now full combustion!  Faced with an aging manufacturing workforce, The Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association spear-headed  efforts to bring a national  student robotics program to the Pittsburgh region.  Local manufacturers and educators joined forces in 2005, and with just 6 schools, launched BotsIQ.  Now, a decade later, the program has exploded to include more than 60 schools and its own fan base.  Working with a Robotics Curriculum based on the National Curriculum Standards and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) mechanical engineering methodology, southwestern Pennsylvania students are taught to design, build and battle robots in a gladiator-style competition.  The competition draws on students’ knowledge of math, science, engineering and even public speaking.   Perhaps most importantly, students see that building things is challenging, it’s fun, and  it’s a potential career.

Help BotsIQ develop your future workforce.  

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Educators and manufacturers partner in this exciting program, and volunteers are always needed to share their expertise.  

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Contact executive director, Bill Padnos at: or 412.258.6629

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