RAPIDS Registration

RAPIDS is the acronym for Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Data System, and it is the system used by the Department of Labor to track registered apprentices.

Periodically, the Department of Labor holds webinars to teach company representatives how to use the RAPIDS system.  This is essential training for those with a registered apprentice program.


  1. If you already have an apprenticeship program registered with the State of PA and
  2. If you plan to register a new apprentice this year and
  3. If you have never registered a new apprentice on the RAPIDS online registration system…OR
  4. If your company has been using RAPIDS but you have not personally used it to register apprentices…OR
  5. If you need a refresher on how to use the RAPIDS system for registering apprentices

Please note: You can’t get a user name and password to use RAPIDS unless you attend a webinar which explains the process in detail so please plan to attend or make arrangements to attend a future session.

The next RAPIDS webinar  has been arranged for:

10:00 AM Wednesday, August 26th

Sponsors (employers) interested in attending should contact Steve Myers to confirm their seats. Myers.steven@dol.gov


*If your company has never registered your apprenticeship program, this webinar does not apply to you.*

This has nothing to do with registering apprentices for the NTMA Related Instruction Classes. This only has to do with registering them as apprentices with the State and National Offices of Apprenticeship.