Get Out The Vote TODAY and encourage everyone you know to go to the polls.   

Each election is important, but the direction of the nation is at stake today and manufacturers around the country will help decide our future.

The NTMA & PMA Advocacy group, One Voice designed several tools that you can take advantage of today. 


If you haven’t already downloaded it, download the “VOTE” poster here:

Hang it on the doors of your shop or in your break room to remind everyone that today IS the day.  It is critical that business owners inform their employees about the importance of voting in this election.



Remember, it’s not just the Presidency that hangs in the balance–  today, voters decide who controls the House and Senate.   Still not sure who to vote for?  Cast an informed ballot.  To educate manufacturers of all sizes in all states, One Voice has developed a manufacturing scorecard to measure the support each Senator and Representative has given for our industry in this Congress.  You can see the One Voice House and Senate Scorecards here:



To find the polling location nearest you, click here:

Please be sure to vote TODAY and make sure every manufacturer you know has the tools needed to make the right choices on Election Day.

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